Castle of shadow

odd beginings

Session 1 – Campaign 1

Participants: Leo Chiu-Leung(DM), Dominic Hung (Erathas Hawksong), Lorenzo Borje (Halvador) and Guy Ramsden (Sev)

Halvador and the Erathas Hawksong, were headed to Winterhaven under the orders of Marla of the Great temple of Pelor, to investigate the rumor that a cult worshipping an evil god has sprung up. 

On the road towards the Winterhaven they find an odd situation. Here an Elf is tied up and held captive by some kobolds(monsters), who look like that they have only recently managed to subdue the elf. The two friends immediately role initiative, trying to defeat the kobolds and free the Elf. The two friends were vastly outnumbered by the kobolds and Sev was also bound, making this encounter look somewhat

After some easy fighting, the elf is free and the kobolds are dead.

Elf introduces himself only as Sev, a orphaned elf whose parents were killed by the Kobold which they dead kobolds belonged to, and he decides to help them in their inquiry as a method of finding the kobolds who killed his family and gaining revenge.



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