Castle of shadow

oh.. thats it?

Session 3 – Campaign 3

Participants – Leo Chiu-Leung, Guy Ramsden, Lorenzo Borje, Dominic Hung

Typical dungeon crawl, a conversion of Kobold hall

In one of the final rooms the groups find a medium-sized black obelisk, that seems to absorb the light around it. Going up to it, the party is confronted by a spirit, Gilloran. Who warns the party of a grave invasion creatures from a far off realm.

At that point however, they are attacked by creatures that masquerade as humans soldiers. Yet, when die turn into a black liquid.

After defeating the creatures, Gilloran gives the party a dagger of ice.

And Halvador attempts to use Tenser’s floating disk to move the obelisk away so that he can sell it.

Then the party wakes up, in the same area as before. Except with a small obelisk, much to the dismay of Halvador. The Dagger of ice is still there however.



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